Sustainability Building Philosophy

Brent Davis Construction, Inc., as a corporation has been moved by its core employees to pursue business practices that ensure the well being of our Planet as well as our Economic interests. We know that a truly green company is one that follows correct practices whether customers ask for them or not.

As building trends evolve and demand for "greener" products has increased, we have witnessed a subsequent increase in definitions of green building itself. Many standards defining green building have been developed by manufacturers and Industry front groups promoting their own self interests.

Simply stated, the roots of sustainability do not come in pretty, shrink wrapped packages, and they don’t have labels touting their virtues either. They are often plain and out of sight...

We integrate sustainability into all of our jobs. Not only is it part of modern building codes, but it’s second nature to us living in the Northwest. For instance, solar is a huge business in Port Townsend and we work with the experts in this field to give you the latest innovations while using best practices. Also, we now install electric car jacks in garages automatically.

We'll help you with energy credits. We are also sourcing new products all the time and reviewing the quality of new trending products as well.

We salvage and recycle as much as we can from an existing job site. And we follow the rules and pay special attention to lead paint, asbestos, etc. when demolishing keeping both our crew, your family and the local environment as safe and healthy as possible.

As a rule we have adopted our own definition of green building outlined by the Building Science Corporation:

"The effects of building development on the environment are at the most basic about durability. Building a house or a community is really about the durability of people (the health, safety, and well being of people), the durability of buildings (the useful service life of a building is typically limited by its durability), and the durability of the planet (the well being of the environment). Durability is another way of expressing the concept of sustainability to the building community."