Quality of Construction

Building quality structures in the most efficient manner possible is of the utmost importance to Brent Davis Construction, Inc.

We use the finest quality materials available anywhere and have a large collection of specialty tools appropriate for specific tasks.

We use consistent building techniques from crew to crew to minimize mistakes. This also improves efficiency and creates quality control points through all phases of the project.

The Brent Davis Construction, Inc. crew represents a diversified repertoire of woodworking skills. Many of the crew have experience outside of the home building industry that lends itself well to the finer finish work and overall pride in the precision of a project.

Our strong points are quality of construction, high level of organization, thoughtfulness and job site cleanliness for both homeowners and neighbors. This includes our subcontractors too.


Our hand-picked, local, superior team of subcontractors, who we've worked with for years, have a strong loyalty and a special rapport with us. They give our jobs priority over all others in scheduling and importance. They are at the ready and respond to us when called upon to begin work or when needed for general consulting or solving a problem. 

There may be cheaper labor or subs available, but we work with people who we know will do the job right and that’s worth your money during your project and in the long run of owning your home for years to come.

"When you look at our work, you’ll see the quality that comes from this team effort and collaboration. There’s a reason I work with the same subcontractors over and over, they are consistently the best people to work with in their fields and do the work properly, on time and, most importantly, to the highest standards that I require of myself and my crews." —Brent Davis

Brent Davis is on the board for the City of Port Townsend Historic Preservation Committee. "The City of Port Townsend’s Historic Preservation Committee is comprised of local citizens who serve as a review board for proposals regarding historically significant resources within the city. They advocate for historic preservation and provide recommendations to the Department of Development Services regarding proposed projects. The committee prepares and proposes revisions to design review guidelines for evaluating development proposals."