Cost, Timing & Budgets

Brent Davis Construction, Inc. is a full service design/build general contracting firm. Our primary focus is new residential design and construction. We've developed our own system for planning, managing, and completing construction projects. This system is fair, efficient, and quality-driven.

Occasionally customers come to us with partial or completed building plans. We came to realize that many designs were completely out of scale with the budgets of the customers. Consequently, many hopes were dashed and many well designed but ill-conceived projects failed to be accomplished or even started. Customers who decided to hunt for a "cheaper contractor" met with inferior work or projects that never reached a satisfactory completion.  

The first question on every homeowner's mind is "How much will it cost?" With detailed plans we can answer that question. We believe the most successful projects begins with working with your designer and/or architect. Working together, we'll help to design your home within your budget and aesthetic preferences. Bringing us on early in the process is optimal, but we'll work with your finished plans as well.

When we meet in person, our Job Books will show you our high level of organization, how we've estimated past projects and how close to on budget we finished each job.

The next question is "How long will it take to build our home?" We'll do our best to answer this too, based on our past experience and your plan. We'll do our best to work within your timeline.

Ultimately, we strive to develop a level of trust with each homeowner in order for them to enjoy the process of their project rather than spending all their time stressing about the details and the cost. It’s all about communication between the contractor and the homeowner.

Also when we meet, we'll give you references to contact, estimates showing line items and come up with a contract to please both parties.

Our contracts

We'll work with both time and material estimates or fixed-price bids, but our preference is to create a “hybrid” contract. A hybrid contract combines fixed prices for subcontractors and time and materials for our part of the project. When projects are complicated and/or difficult to estimate, we find it's more beneficial to both homeowner and our company to work within the time and materials method.

With time and materials, that’s where the trust come into play for the homeowner and honesty, transparency and good communication are paramount from Brent and our crew chiefs. Our goal is to be forth-right and keeping any surprises to a minimum during your project. Ultimately, it pays to work off the best plan from the beginning. Planning is best way to stick to the budget.

We bill on the 1st and 15th of the month which makes it easier to manage costs and harder to create financial difficulties.

How Design/BUild Works

  1. Feasibility Consultation
    Customers contact us with a conceptual idea. We discuss budget parameters, rough design parameters, site conditions, etc., and we determine whether or not the project is feasible. If it is, we continue. If it's not, the whole process stops right there in its tracks before it's allowed to give anyone gray hair. At this stage we consult about ways to adjust the design to fit the budget, and we work with the customer to develop a project plan that's feasible.
  2. Preliminary Design and Estimate
    Preliminary designs and cost estimates are developed. Some--but not all--of the seemingly infinite project details will be clear, and changes can be made to the scope of the project or the level of finish to meet the customer's budget and design needs.
  3. Final Design and Estimate
    Designs and cost estimates are finalized and any required "fine tuning" of the level of finish is completed. At this stage, the customers have, on paper, a design that suits their needs AND can be built within their budget.
  4. Construction and Ongoing Updates to Drawings
    Construction is underway. Any changes or modifications the customers decide upon mid-stream are committed to the master set of drawings and immediately sent out to replace the working drawings in the field. Through this process, the construction is ALWAYS precisely represented on the drawings.