About Brent Davis Construction, Inc.

Brent Davis Construction, Inc. has been building quality residential and commercial construction projects from excavation to finish in Port Townsend and Jefferson County, WA since 2001.

We build large and small homes; both new build and remodels; from tear downs to historic restoration; from complete projects to smaller kitchen and bath renovations. Whether a small Victorian jewel box or massive modern residence, each project is built with pride, quality and attention to detail.

General Contracting

With the increasing complexity of building codes and construction methods, today's larger projects are adrift without the services of a qualified architect. We recognize that our most successful, enduring work has resulted from close, team based working relationships that were developed early in the design process.

We expect to work closely with architects and owners throughout the entire course of a project and consistently maintain dialogue between all involved parties.

Project Management

Owner, Brent Davis, is the lead for all jobs, with on-site crew chiefs running the crews with his direct management. Though much of his time is dedicated to meeting with homeowners and running his business, he stays in touch every day with his chiefs and crews and in control of all on-site projects and tasks. Whenever possible, Brent still shovels concrete, swings a hammer, lays tile and gets dirty. 

Brent is a longtime resident of Port Townsend who gained a depth of knowledge and experience by working in both the boat building and construction industries while forging life-long relationships with Port Townsend's community leaders, business owners, workers, contractors, designers and architects.


Crews consist of a chief and 2 or 3 workers on a job site, plus subcontractors, which keeps moving the projects along quickly while keeping the project manageable. Brent's crews are seasoned workers with good work ethics and a long history with the company.