About Brent Davis

Brent Davis discovered an appreciation for architecture and carpentry at a very young age. Born and raised in Litchfield County, Connecticut, he was exposed to a wide variety of architecture on a regular basis. He drew inspiration from the colonial villages, early craftsman homes and the steel skyline of Manhattan a train ride away. Brent developed an interest in the architecture and history and an admiration for the skilled craftsmen who built the original structures.

By high school Brent had already joined the work force. Summer and morning jobs during the school year showed his family and friends that he was not afraid of earning his own way. Putting his hands to work in the field of carpentry, Brent worked on various projects, which combined many facets of the building industry, planning, design, heavy equipment operation, and good old-fashioned hard work. Brent also excelled in his architecture studies all four years of high school.

Recognizing his natural talent in building and design, Brent sought a degree. He attended Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island, where he earned his Associates Degree in Computer Animated Design, specializing in Residential Architecture. He made the Deans List and took part in the school's apprenticeship program prior to graduating.

After college Brent was ready to make a move and decided to go west. He settled in Santa Cruz, California where he promptly got a job as a draftsman for a furniture design and production company. It didn't take Brent long to realize that the love he had for building was not going to be found behind a desk. He had the heart of a craftsman and found great satisfaction in applying his design skills with his own hands. He worked as a carpenter for several years in the greater Monterey Bay, building structures ranging from complex remodels to million dollar custom homes.

Still yearning for knowledge, Brent happened upon the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building in Port Townsend, Washington and decided to attend. Following boat school he chose not to go directly back to custom home building and continued to diversify his woodworking skills. He worked at Ernie Baird Boat Co. and Visscher Associates Pipe Organ Builders where he built and refurbished many of the new and historic organs in the San Francisco Bay area. Brent then spent the next several years building custom homes where his new repertoire of skills, hard work ethic, and natural ability as a leader earned him respect from his peers and employers.

Being confident in his knowledge of all aspects of a construction project, and the accumulation of more than a dozen years of experience in the building industry, Brent was ready for the challenge of starting his own business.